The worksheet problem.

This popped up on my twitter feed this morning: Ready for the NO WORKSHEET WEEK CHALLENGE starting 1/26? Join #Cantiague & let’s make this a national thing! #edchat — Tony Sinanis (@TonySinanis) January 20, 2015 While I have to applaud the idea that we’ve moved away from the idea […]



Time & management

I came across a great blog post on my twitter feed today: Patrick Miller’s excellent reminder that “Time is an illusion”. It’s a great reminder to use the Covey Time Matrix to plan your work, and not to get bogged down in quadrant 1, the crisis management/reactive section. Quadrant 2 is […]


First phase of the pilot study has begun!

I’m very pleased to announce that the first phase of the pilot study for my Doctor of Education has begun! This will last until 2nd February, when we will shift into the second phase: the online sightword learning platform!   This phase is investigating the motivation to read English of […]