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I came across a great blog post on my twitter feed today: Patrick Miller’s excellent reminder that “Time is an illusion”. It’s a great reminder to use the Covey Time Matrix to plan your work, and not to get bogged down in quadrant 1, the crisis management/reactive section. Quadrant 2 is where the change, planning and quality work is done, but since this usually has a long-term payoff, it’s often not easy to measure the results compared to work done in quadrant 1.

The Covey Time Matrix


I get a few takeaways from this for management at a school:

  • Are we spending quality time on planning in our departments at school, and then making sure we track our progress as well?
  • Are we making sure that we have enough interdepartmental spitballing sessions, where we can merge our planning with other groups?
  • Are we making sure that, in a politically structured entity such as a school (with a lot of movement between posts in a short timeframe) that we’re not only measuring job effectiveness from quadrant 1?

The last one is a big concern, I feel, and something every school and educational department should focus on.

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